Junior & Middle Managers / Specialists


Climbing the Career Ladder

For professionals who are at an early to mid-career phase, with ambitions to progress to executive and leadership levels.


‘Climbing the Career Ladder’ will help you prepare for and navigate all the challenges and decisions that you might encounter as you manage your career, whether you’re in the ‘stuck’ phase, or struggling with too many career options.

This is a critical time in your career, when a mis-step to the wrong company or the wrong role at the incorrect time can potentially be a career limiting move. Alternatively, landing a well-suited job in a great organisation where there’s a culture and values fit, will set you up for career and personal success.


  • 5 x 60 minute one-to-one coaching sessions
  • Includes email support and laser coaching (5 – 10 minutes in between sessions, where needed); summary email after each session with key actions, tools, and resources
  • Includes access to online VCP Resources at no extra cost
  • Includes access to additional ‘pay as you go’ single sessions after programme completion
  • Sessions to take place via skype, zoom or other digital platform (to be agreed with your coach)
  • Pacing of sessions to be discussed with your coach. Sessions are ideally spaced 2 weeks apart, but this will depend on your own rhythm and availability


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