The BIG Career Questions

For both established and ‘start-up’ entrepreneurs, who have either lost their ‘mojo’ and are struggling to find their passion for their business, or are questioning their entrepreneurial decisions due to market, business and/or financial challenges.


‘The BIG Career Questions’ is a programme geared to support entrepreneurs who are asking themselves some tough questions. Such as: ‘Am I wired for the constant risk and instability? Even though I’m working harder than ever, why does it feel like I’m not getting anywhere? Do I really have what it takes to achieve the success that I imagined?’

Times of self-doubt, lack of motivation, or ‘soul-searching’ can become pivot points for next level success.  This programme will help to get you back on track, or transition towards a new track of personal and professional fulfilment and reward.


  • 5 x 60 minute one-to-one coaching sessions
  • Includes email support and laser coaching (5 – 10 minutes in between sessions, where needed); summary email after each session with key actions, tools, and resources
  • Includes access to online VCP Resources at no extra cost
  • Includes access to additional ‘pay as you go’ single sessions after programme completion
  • Sessions to take place via skype, zoom or other digital platform (to be agreed with your coach)
  • Pacing of sessions to be discussed with your coach. Sessions are ideally spaced 2 weeks apart, but this will depend on your own rhythm and availability


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