The 21 Day Challenge: Finding Purpose & Meaning

Based on Ted Talk by Shawn Achor

Over the next 21 days experiment with the following 5 core practices that have been proven through definitive research to increase your levels of wellbeing, happiness, productivity, meaning and purpose in the world. Keep a journal of your learnings, experiences and reflections.

  1. What are you most grateful for today? Write down 3-5 things.
  2. Journaling: What positive experience have you had today? What impact has it had on you and others? How did it make you feel and behave?
  3. Exercise: Look to increase your levels of exercise by 10% each week for the next 21 days.
  4. Meditation: Practice some form of meditation for at least 5 minutes daily for 21 days.
  5. Perform random acts of kindness: What actions can I take now that will lead to someone else being happier e.g. send an email to a colleague or employee appreciating the qualities you admire in them for an action they have taken and how it has added value to you.

Watch the full Ted Talk below.


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