Steps for Developing your Leadership Brand

  1. Self-Reflection
    • What are the core values which I aim to demonstrate in my leadership?
    • What do I stand for as a leader/person?
    • What am I here to do in the world?
    • What defines my current leadership presence/brand? (How would others describe me?)How would I like to shift and evolve my leadership brand? (How would I like others to describe/experience me as a leader in the future)?

  2. Brand Statement:
  3. Based on your reflections above, articulate your brand statement so it is clear, reflects your values and aspirations as a leader.

  4. Next Steps and Planning:
    • What areas do you need to work on to develop and strengthen your leadership presence/brand?
    • Who are the 4-5 key people who can support and influence your growing your leadership presence/brand?
    • What 2-3 areas do you want to focus on to grow your leadership presence/brand?
    • Make it real and commit to a plan with specific actions
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