Selecting a Referee

This article was written by Tracy Dawson of Jack Hammer – one of the top three executive search firms in South Africa.

In a nutshell – a great referee is EVERYTHING! (almost)

Here’s why:

Two Executives. One great job. Both executives show up admirably through all three stages of the Jack Hammer screening process, including the face-to-face interview. On paper, by achievements and track record, it’s really difficult to pick a winner. Which is fine by me – that sounds like we’ve delivered the goods. A top quality shortlist.

And so it’s time for some references and ‘testimonials’.

Now let’s clear up some thinking about Referees:

  1. You picked them. Which suggests you like them, and you’re pretty confident they like you. Frankly, I’m going to be surprised if they can bring themselves to say anything unkind about you.
  2. They’re credible. They can comment with some authority on your competency. And they know what you were up against technically and strategically.
  3. But some are more credible than others. And herein lies the crux…

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