Recovery Is King

In our fast paced, ever accelerating, must be busy all the time world, it seems that the collective and dominant response is to do more, go faster, reach higher and multi task while multi-tasking!

And yet…And yet what works best, what reinvigorates, regenerates and refocuses our energy is Recovery. The principle of recovery is an ancient one practised in many religions and spiritual practices. It is also practised actively amongst elite athletes, high profile business leaders and world leaders.

So why don’t we take this simple principle – Recovery – and practise it in our daily lives?

If we don’t think for ourselves and we buy in to all the media hype, our collective illusion becomes: ‘busy is better’. The result is that we then we miss out on this practical and effective doorway to performing more sustainably over the long term.

Instead of the constant busy-ness, which keeps us away from being present (read being effective and energised) we can incorporate recovery into multiple micro-moments in our day, through the principle of oscillation.

Oscillation is the movement between expending energy and recovering it.

So instead of working through lunch breaks, doing emails while speaking on the phone, we make space to for small, repeated behaviours that drive our performance and effectiveness.

For example:

  • standing up for 2 minutes every hour and walking around;
  • connecting with people personally rather than via email;
  • switching off devices while working on a strategic/creative piece of work;
  • moving away from our screens to breathe intentionally for as little as 30-60 seconds a few times a day.

Neuroscience has proven that humans are terrible multi-taskers because of the impact it has on our attention, energy levels and performance.

So rather than looking to do more, build recovery into your day and notice how the quality of your performance, the sharpness of your focus, the management of your emotions and your energy levels becomes consistently more vital, fresh and impactful.

Test it out for just a few days and you will discover what so many people have known and practised for years. You too can benefit from the realisation that Recovery is king!


– Gavin Shaskolsky, Co-Founder of Virtual Coaching Partners


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