Not Getting Promoted?

Virtual Coaching Partners Co-Founder, Debbie-Goodman-Bhyat, shares her top tips for getting promoted. 

One of the most common career complaints I hear is from professionals who feel that they’re getting overlooked for promotions, or not moving up the career ladder as quickly as they’d like.

Here are a few quick do’s and don’t’s to this common career challenge:

  1. Be proactive and take initiative in your current role.

    Look for opportunities to try new things; ask for extra work from your boss; run an alternative model or beta-test alongside a current one, and then demonstrate the benefits. When times are tough, leaders are constantly looking for new ways to optimise, streamline, cut back, move forward, etc. There are many ways you can get noticed right now, so that when the next promotion comes up, you’re the obvious choice.

  2. Manage your own career trajectory aspirations.

    In other words, have you fully mastered your current role, or properly completed the task or project for which you signed up? Any substantial role will have a minimum 18 month lifecycle (typically longer) from inception to conclusion, and it will be a much more meaningful career experience to have seen the whole thing through before moving on. Even if the opportunity is an internal one, be cautious about putting your hand up too soon.

    Similarly, don’t hang around too long in one role either. Eventually, when you decide to move out of the organisation, prospective employers will look at the pace of your internal promotions in order to assess your effectiveness. If you’re not sure about the pacing of internal promotions, ask a senior leader in the organisation for guidance.

If you need more one-to-one support with this challenge, consider signing up for Climbing the Career Ladder.

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