Career Changes: Top 10 Questions for Success, & how to Leave a Legacy

Your New Job – Top 10 Questions for Success

Key questions to ask yourself when you start a new job, to pave the way for a quick and successful transition.

  1. What have been the most positive experiences in my new role so far?
  2. What have I found to be most challenging and unsettling in my new role?
  3. What have I been learning-about myself, my manager, my team and others-including the culture around me
  4. What are my key priorities in the next 30/ 60/ 90/ 120 days?
  5. What have I identified as potential ‘quick wins’?
  6. Who are key people to my future success in my new role?
  7. Where are my learning ‘edges’ right now? (ie. Areas where I most urgently need to develop or upskill)
  8. What can I do to begin strengthening around these edges?
  9. What would success look/feel like in my new role?
  10. What will help me manage my energy and stress levels during this transition?

Moving On – The Best Way to Leave

Post-resignation, leave a lasting legacy

  1. What do you need to close off before you move into your new role?
  2. What is your handover plan and strategy?
  3. What do you most appreciate about each team member and how will you let them know before you leave?
  4. What might you still need to be available for while transitioning to your new role/company, and how will you plan for this?
  5. What is the legacy you want to leave in your team/business?
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