Building Habits that Support Your Success

Step-by-step plan for great daily habits

How you begin your day, manage your energy throughout it and then close out your day, all have a fundamental and direct impact on what you manage to achieve, and your energy levels.

The following steps will help you identify the habits that support your success, and the ones that are sapping your energy and sabotaging your day.

Step 1: Identify your habits

Identify both personal and professional habits that you engage during your day at home and work.

For example:

  • Planning your day for 5 minutes when you get to the office
  • Eating lunch on the run/at your desk
  • Drinking water throughout the day
  • Checking email and your phone all the time
  • Watching TV when you are tired
  • Meeting a friend or colleague for lunch once a week

Step 2: Write them down

  • Write down 5 positive habits that energise you and ensure you are being as effective as possible.
  • Similarly write down 5 limiting or negative habits you engage in daily that minimise or limit your effectiveness.

Step 3: Make new choices

  • Write down 5 new habits that would be valuable to initiate and would give you increased energy and impact.
  • Be specific and clear when recording the habits. Focus on 3 categories: energising habits, limiting habits, and new habits.

Step 4: Take action

  • Choose 1 habit that you want to focus on.
  • Get clear about the detail – what action you need to take, who you might need to support or help you, how you’ll hold yourself accountable, how you’ll prompt or remind yourself about this new habit.
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