Why a ‘career coach’?

Whether you’re at an advanced stage in your career, or just getting out of the starting blocks, the ‘next’ career move or transition is one of life’s most stressful events. And it’s tough to navigate this on your own.

It’s also really challenging to ask for and find the right resources to help guide you through this period. (It’s not typical conversation for dinner parties, or with your boss, or spouse….and in any case, they’re hardly qualified to help!).

With a top quality coach - and the VCP coaches have been selected because they’re the best of the best – you’ll have the support of a qualified professional to help you to take charge of your career, so that you can get where you want to be.

It’s like having a personal fitness trainer for your career. The results are always going to be better than doing it on your own!

  • Why a ‘career coach’?
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  • How do I select a coach? What if I don’t like my coach?
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  • What does a VCP programme include? What are the time commitments?
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  • How will I benefit from a Career Coaching Programme?
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  • Which one is the ideal programme for me?
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  • Tell Me More About VCP
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