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How Does Virtual Coaching Partners Work?

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Complete a brief questionnaire and we will recommend the coach that best suits your needs.

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Featured Programmes

  • Entrepreneurs
    The Entrepreneurial Journey
    The Entrepreneurial Journey
    For both established and ‘start-up’ entrepreneurs, who have reached critical milestones in their businesses, or are dealing with challenges that are keeping them awake at night – pivoting the business model, growth, scaling, bootstrapping, fund raising, cash flow, dealing with business partners and staff; and more.
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  • All Professionals
    Finding Purpose
    Finding Purpose
    Gain clarity about your personal and professional Purpose, and develop an action plan to lead a life filled with meaningful rewards. Align your passion, purpose and values with your job and career aspirations
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  • Junior & Middle Managers; Specialists
    Future Leaders
    Future Leaders
    For professionals who are early-stage managers of people, or aspirant ‘specialists’ who want to become managers. This programme focuses on identifying and bridging the gaps to support and enhance your growth and development as a leader.
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  • Executives & Senior Managers
    Critical Career Transitions
    Critical Career Transitions
    For professionals who are at an advanced stage in their careers, and are now contemplating a change.
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  • Why a ‘career coach’?
    Whether you’re at an advanced stage in your career, or just getting out of the starting blocks, the ‘next’ career move or transition is one of life’s most stressful events. And it’s tough to navigate this on your own. It’s...
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  • How do I select a coach? What if I don’t like my coach?
    How do I select a coach? Select a programme.You will automatically be presented with the panel of coaches who facilitate your selected programme. Complete a brief questionnaire, and we will recommend a shortlist of coaches best suited to you. Select the...
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  • What does a VCP programme include? What are the time commitments?
    All Programmes include: 5 x 60 minute customised, one-to-one coaching sessions Includes email support and laser coaching (5 – 10 minutes in between sessions, where needed), at no extra cost Includes summary email after each session with key actions, tools, and resources at no...
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  • How will I benefit from a Career Coaching Programme?
    Let’s start with some questions. Questions you may be asking yourself: I’m at an advanced stage in my career – what’s next for me, and how do I make that happen? I need to keep this confidential, I’m not entirely...
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  • Which one is the ideal programme for me?
    The programmes are targeted at a range of individuals, based on where you are right now in your career and life. Executives and senior managers - Critical Career Transitions Junior/ middle managers and specialists - Climbing the Career Ladder Entrepreneurs - The...
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  • About Us
    Virtual Coaching Partners offers you: High quality coaches, selected by the best of the best – and then matched to YOUR needs; a range of personalised career coaching programmes; convenient and accessible coaching sessions, wherever you are in the...
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