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How Does Virtual Coaching Partners Work?

Featured Programmes

  • Executives & Senior Managers
    Critical Career Transitions
    For professionals who are at an advanced stage in their careers, and are now contemplating a change.
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  • Junior & Middle Managers / Specialists
    Climbing the Career Ladder
    For professionals who are at an early to mid-career phase, with ambitions to progress to executive and leadership levels.
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  • Entrepreneurs
    The BIG Career Questions
    For both established and ‘start-up’ entrepreneurs, who have either lost their ‘mojo’ and are struggling to find their passion for their business, or are questioning their entrepreneurial decisions due to market, business and/or financial challenges.
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  • Graduates
    Career Guidance / Securing your First Job
    For high school and university graduates, who are looking for their first job.
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  • Why a ‘career coach’?
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  • How do I select a coach? What if I don’t like my coach?
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  • What does a VCP programme include? What are the time commitments?
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  • How will I benefit from a Career Coaching Programme?
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  • Which one is the ideal programme for me?
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  • Tell Me More About VCP
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